Hi, I'm Fuzzy

Welcome to Fuzzy's Projects

This tiny little corner of the internet is where I share information about the various projects I've spent time working on. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

My projects include websites, media players, chrome extensions, automated systems, irc bots, XBMC plugins and online poker related tools. Basically, if I'm interested in something I end up creating something to help me enjoy it more.

I do not claim to be some kind of geek genius, most of my projects are neither original nor unique. I like to believe that I have the spirit of a bricoleur; I create things using whatever materials and information are available. Quite often that means basing my projects on code, tools and hardware created by other people.

Hi, I'm Fuzzy.

Fuzzy's Logic

A central collection of my things

The homepage at fuzzyslogic.com acts are a central collection point for things that I post on various sites around the internet. These include extended blog style posts on any topic I feel the need to ramble at length about, short updates on what I'm currently doing or thinking, photos I upload to share with friends and family, snippets and links to interesting sites I stumble on as I cruise the internet.

The system pulls in feeds from whichever sites and services are the current top of the pops. This way, when the next facebook / twitter / blogger / whatever site becomes the 'next big thing' I'll just set up a new input from that service and integrate it into this central site. Think of it as future proofing.

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iRacing Stats

Graphs and interesting statistics about your iRacing career

I've become somewhat addicted to the online racing simulator iRacing. Of course that means that I've started obsessively collecting data and setting up a system to parse it and display meaningful statistics.

The system pulls event results from the iRacing.com site and stores a copy in a local database. This allows me to create an overview and graphs which I use to track the progression of my driving.

iRacing Stats Page


Simple results tracking for Hearthstone

I created this site for people who play hearthstone on devices which can not run automatic results tracking.

Using this site mobile device players, or people who play from a number of different devices can manually track their results in a single place.

Visit HearthTrack.me

mplayer web & mouse control

Trigger mp3 playback via mouse click or remotely

I've rigged this system up to run on a headless raspberry pi (running raspbian) in my baby's bedroom. It allows us to trigger playback of a music play list which we call our 'sleepy baby bedtime megamix'. Playback can be controlled either by clicking buttons on a wireless mouse which sits on the change table or via a webpage accessed from either a computer or our Android phones. The intial idea was to allow me to kick off playback in the middle of the night with out getting out of bed, if we heard our baby stirring.

The mouse controls are: left button starts playback, right button stops playback, mouse wheel to control volume up or down.

GitHub repo